About the Topaz software I use

I use Lightroom 5 and Photoshop Elements to edit my photos, and recently I’ve bought Topaz Impressions 2, to give some of my photos an arty look – I invite you to have a look at my Digital Art album, to see my latest efforts …

I’ve also been using the basic version of Topaz Studio, which is free to download from the Topaz website, and which I like for its graphic art-like effects.

It’s a good idea to register with Topaz, which is simple to do, and which enables you to receive periodic updates for its software, plus generous discounts on the paid-for software. I’m amazed how quickly my Topaz software generates its effects – it outperforms other software I’ve used.

Two great features of Topaz software … you can lower the opacity of the artwork you’ve just produced revealing more and more of your original image (which is on a layer below it) … the opacity slider is at the bottom right of the interface. Secondly, in the right hand panel are the Layer blending modes that you see in Photoshop, just click on the “Normal” icon to see the usual drop-down menu.

Here is the link to the Topaz website … www.topazlabs.com/

After you have registered with Topaz, they will send you links to tutorials on how to use the software from time to time also. Their website has a few tutorials on it as well …

If you wish to go to my Flickr site, click here.


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