Photography Update

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted anything on this site, as if I’d gone into hibernation over the winter. I had planned to go walking with my wife and The Nottingham Wayfarers today, but a recurrence of my low back pain (after lifting some heavy things) has stopped me going. I’ve spent today doing some light food shopping, to make a fish pie for dinner this evening, watching a video on how to play Bridge (the Losing Trick Count), and then “pottering” on Flickr (and saving some lovely pics using the Windows Snipping Tool, to add to my Desktop slide show).

For anyone who’s been following my photos on Flickr, you will already know that I love taking snaps of my family members, and of the great outdoors. I’m also starting to do more in the way of street photograpy / portraiture, and also using various programs to add a painterly look to my photos. I also love taking twilight shots, and hope to combine this aspect and taking landscapes shots when we come to stay at Derwentwater in The Lake District this coming weekend. Here’s hoping for some dry weather (as if!).

As regards street photography, I’ve watched loads of YouTube videos and read lots of articles on this subject. Two of my favourite street photographers are Thomas Leuthard and Helio Tomita

Here are three street photos taken with my Canon G15 and 5D Mark 2 cameras …

Wimbledon, London IMG_3457

Nottingham – The Exchange

Nottingham Market Square, in front of the Council House.

There are lots of photographers out there, who do really arty things with their photographs. Two of my favourites are José-Luis Benítez and Roland Ezquerra …

I’ve tried out a few software programs, such as Photoshop’s arty filters, Fotosketcher (which is for Windows users only), and currently Topaz Impressions 2. I’m also looking into using Autodesk Sketcher on my iPad, to produce some abstract backgrounds to use in collages.

I’m very impressed with Topaz Impressions 2, which has a range of pre-sets for famous Impressionists, which you can then easily modify. So if Renoir doesn’t look very good, you can improve on him.   You can create your own pre-sets too (and share them with the Topaz online community). I’ve been using Topaz in the last 2 weeks or so, and you will be able to see a few of my early efforts in my Flickr album: Digital Art … I’ve put one of them below.



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