Holiday news

Hi everyone,

We’ve just returned from a week’s holiday in Benalmadena, which is near Malaga in Spain. Fab weather and also fab to be with our London family who came with us. We all stayed at one of our favourite Diamond Resorts locations, the Sahara Sunset Club, which has all the mod cons we would ever need (including an indoor heated swimming pool), lovely staff and the sea and beach close by. We managed to dodge the awful wintery weather that the UK had while we were away.

As usual, I took loads of photos, including some which I’d already taken on previous visits. This time some of the photos should be a bit sharper, as I took on holiday with me my “beast” of a camera (the Canon 5D Mk 2) and my new travelling tripod, which I’m very pleased with. I’ve been taking more twilight shots, using the manual settings on my camera, and with the help of my tripod (without which many of my earlier photos have been rubbish).

Currently I’m looking at the Fuji X range of cameras: the x 100T and the x Pro 2, for travel use. I’ve been to two talks at the Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society, where the speakers have raved about them, and where I’ve seen the high quality of images taken with them. I will wait until next year to buy one of them, when newer models have been introduced and when the price of the older ones has fallen somewhat. 

You might be interested to hear that we’ve got other holidays planned for this year: the Reims area in France, Rome, Whitby, Staffordshire and Ilkley. Our last holiday will be in October, so I’ve got lots more photographic opportunities ahead.


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