Using Photoshop CS2 with Windows 7

Some time ago, Adobe very generously offered Photoshop CS2 free of charge to everyone.

Here is one trustworthy site you can download CS2 from (for both Windows & Mac machines)…
(take care not to download anything you don’t want – on page 2 of the downloading site, you’re invited to 
download a PDF converter, which might be mistaken for downloading CS2)

I’ve been able to open CS2 up and to do some editing work with it, but been unable to save my work properly.

I found one way of saving my work, which was to use the Windows Snipping tool. This captures images at your
screen resolution, which is not really satisfactory.

If you’re not familiar with the Snipping tool, I invite you to have a look at YouTube
videos on how to use it – it’s very useful for capturing Desktop size versions of photos
you see on Flickr to create a slide show for your Desktop …

So I’ve been wondering for a while about how to fix this problem. Then it suddenly
dawned on me, that CS2 was designed for use with Windows XP, and in the current issue
of the computer magazine, WebUser, I found a very useful article with suggestions on
what to do. Here’s one of them …

Click on your Start button > Control Panel > Troubleshooting > Programs.
Windows will ask you which program you wish to fix, and then you just follow its instructions, including actually
running CS2  … “Start the program”…


When you’ve finished, just click on the Next button above, and Windows will ask
if the problem has been fixed. Tap on “Yes, save these settings for my program”.
Job done!


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