Creating a copyright logo for your photos

creating your own logo

It’s very easy to create a copyright logo for yourself in Photoshop Elements – my version is PE 11.

First of all, whiten an existing image with your Paint Bucket tool.
Next add some text, to your liking – I used Segoe Script here.
Select Edit > Define brush … and save your new brush.
When you wish to apply it, select the Brush tool in the left hand toolbar, and experiment with various brush sizes, opacities and colours.
If you happen to lose your brush, you will find it at the end of the drop-down menu of default brushes.

By the way, to create the © symbol, press down the Alt key and then using the NUMERIC keys, type the numbers 0169. Finish by letting go of the Alt key. This will work for you when writing text documents & when creating a slide presentation or a website page, etc.. I’ve used the same method to add this © . When you are using a text editor, you will be able to change the font style, size and colour of this symbol. 

Flickr is all about sharing your photos with other people, so it’s very easy for folk to download or copy your photos, even if you use a copyright logo or are able to “disable” downloading. With Photoshop or Gimp, it’s fairly easy to remove such logos, and with the Windows Snipping Tool, it’s easy to capture other people’s photos and save then onto your PC or laptop. I have on occasion merged two screenshots together to get a good full-sized image of someone else’s photo, so I can add it my Desktop background slide-show. I would emphasise that if you’re going to download or copy anyone’s work, that this must be for your own personal use, or for teaching purposes – they must not be published in any way without the copyright holder’s permission, or you could be sued for thousands of pounds for breach of copyright.


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