ReadyBoost for Windows

I’ve noticed in recent months that my Windows 7 PC is becoming slower and slower in day-to-day use,
especially when I’m using Lightroom 5, but also when on the internet. I’ve become envious of the sparkling performance
of my wife’s iPad in comparison, and have been looking forward to the day when
my small  
Windows Vista laptop dies, when I would replace it with a tablet.

I’ve already got 8GB of RAM (computer memory) on my PC, so I decided to try out Windows ReadyBoost,
which Microsoft developed for Windows Vista and successive versions of Windows.
I had a redundant 8 GB USB flash drive, which is now dedicated to ReadyBoost.
I’ve managed to get an extra 4 GB of memory by using this flash drive.

Setting up ReadyBoost is easy-peasy. Just plug the flash drive into your machine, and select ReadyBoost
from the Autoplay menu that pops up. Go for the maximum amount of ReadyBoost available.

Well, I’m very impressed with ReadyBoost – it’s supercharged my PC.

I’ve timed the start-up times for opening up certain programs, from “cold” to being fully functional …

Libre Office Writer … 2-3 seconds
Photoshop Elements 11 Editor (a two-step process) … 5 seconds
Lightroom 5 Library … 20 seconds
Exporting an image from Lightroom’s Developer into a new folder for JPGs … 17 seconds

Opening up websites fully, after clicking on my Desktop shortcuts …

Google search (using Google Chrome) … 1-2 seconds
Amazon UK … 2-3 seconds
WordPress dot com Login page … 2-3 seconds
My Yahoo Mail inbox (skipping the login page) … 3-4 seconds
My Flickr site … 2-4 seconds

I’ve checked out current prices of 8 GB USB drives on Amazon, and they are surprisingly cheap … so for
a few pounds you could give your PC or laptop’s performance a major boost.

For more info, have a look at this …

For Amazon UK USB flash drives …

To create a desktop shortcut to Flickr, WordPress login, email login, etc. …
(Instead of using Rt mouse clicks to copy and paste, I use Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V)


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