Using Fluidr to view your Flickr site

I’ve just discovered a different way of viewing my photos on Flickr, which I think is better than Flickr itself.  
It’s via Fluidr dot com, and it’s free to join, if you’re already using Flickr.

Here’s what my photos look like on Fluidr dot com …

Here’s a screenshot of my Fluidr page …

Cromford image seen on Fluidr


Just click on any photo to see a larger version. Clicking on the larger version will return you to your smaller
image. I like the fact that you can see some basic Exif info alongside the image.

Here are all my albums on Flickr, displayed on Fluidr, nearly 300 of them …
To sign up to the Fluidr group on Flickr … click on the following link …

and then sign into your Flickr account (at the top right hand corner of the Flickr webpage). Next, click
on “Join”. You could add a few photos to the Flickr group (up to 6 per day), but once you’ve joined Fluidr,
you will find that your entire Flickr site can be viewed via the parent website: Fluidr dot com.

If you look at the link to my site on Fluidr, you will see that the website address is the same as my site
on Flickr, apart from the substitution in name (from Flickr to Fluidr).

Another way of finding my site is to do a Google search for the following words:  “Fluidr Mr Joel”.  You
could do the same if you’ve given your Flickr site a name.


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