The Nottingham Wayfarers

The Black Rocks near Cromford in Derbyshire

The Black Rocks near Cromford in Derbyshire

My wife and I joined the Nottingham Wayfarers a year ago, and those of you who have been following my Flickr site will have seen that we’ve been out walking with this group two or three times a month since. I recommend The Wayfarers to those of you who are living in the Nottingham area. They are a very friendly and helpful bunch of people. The coach trip walks are graded into three groups according to ability and how far you wish to walk. There are also walks on other weekends for travelling by car or by bus to the walking area. The walks are all centred on Real Ale pubs, and have been checked out prior to each walk by the group leader(s).

As you might have seen, I take my Canon 5D Mk2 camera with me on the walks, and often take 100 + photos on each walk (using a 2 second timer delay for the purely landscape photos). With the A group (the fastest walkers), there’s not enough time to use a tripod when taking any of my shots, and my monopod just gets in the way (of going over stiles and when walking through slippery muddy patches).

I’ve been feeling a lot fitter since joining the group, and I’m pleased to say that my blood cholesterol levels which were slightly raised in the past 2 years or so, are now normal. The 5:2 diet didn’t help reduce these levels for me … perhaps because I eat “rich” foods on the days when I’m not dieting. 🙂


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