How to create a surreal image in Photoshop

This morning I had a go at creating a surreal image from my photo of a lovely vase of flowers, created in paper for us as a Xmas present by our granddaughter, M. I think she’s a creative genius. The vase is mainly white, and I photographed it against a white background.

Some time ago, I downloaded a legit. free version of Photoshop CS2 onto my PC, which I used today to create the image below. Basically you select Filter and then Distort, and then have a play with Wave, Twirl and ZigZag in succession (or in any order you like) to get something that’s good to look at.  In addition, I used Stylize > Glowing Edges to get the glowing coloured edges against a black background.

Last November, I sent some info to one of my nieces on how to download CS2 onto both PCs and Macs. I’ve attached this as a PDF for you, just below this image.

Vase of flowers

Vase of flowers

My PDF on …

141125 downloading Photoshop CS2 for free


2 thoughts on “How to create a surreal image in Photoshop

  1. Enjoy your experimentation. I particularly like the panoramic composition of your new header. We could do with some cool weather and RAIN here in NZ. 30C indoors days. Bordering on drought conditions in some regions.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Martin. As regards the header, I thought it was time I got one that was more seasonal,
    so I had a quick look through my recent Flickr photos and found this new one, which I cropped into a letter-box shape, before reducing its size in Photoshop. As regards the recommended dimensions for this website, I had a few goes at cropping & resizing it, before I got the exact size to fit.
    It’s been sunny today but very cold here. However this evening and overnight, there are more gales & rain forecast plus snow in parts of the country. We happen to live in the slightly warmer and drier East Midlands, which suits me fine. I hope the weather improves for you soon. 🙂

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