A misty morning in Nottingham

Here’s a view from my bedroom window*, which I took yesterday morning just when the sunshine
was starting to burn through the mist. The house is in Mapperley Park, and has a very
distinctive observatory on the top floor. I think the house looks rather spooky in low light, and
when it’s shrouded in mist. 

I took the photo with my Canon G15 camera, as I haven’t used it for a while. I went into town
later that morning to do a few bits and bobs, and took a few pics of the German Xmas market
that’s on in The Market Square (aka Slab Square), and a couple at the railway station. See my
Flickr site to see these (there’s a link to Flickr in the right hand column).

* My wife calls this “Armchair Photography”.  🙂

Misty morning in Nottingham's Mapperley Park.

Misty morning in Nottingham’s Mapperley Park.


2 thoughts on “A misty morning in Nottingham

  1. Nice Photo. Good to see you using the G15 again. I use my G12 in the garden 4 to 5 times a month.
    Regards from a sticky summer day in New Zealand

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