Derbyshire walk to Calver and Curbar Edge

Last weekend, my wife and I went with The Nottingham Wayfarers to walk around Calver, which is village
not far from Chatsworth in Derbyshire. If you’ve already had a look at my Flickr site, you will see that it was
a very misty and rather wet
start to the day, when we  climbed up the hillside to Curbar Edge. The views from
the top were wonderful.

I’ve been using my Canon wide-angle lens (17-40mm) in the past few weeks when out walking. I’m very
impressed with quality 
of the photos that I’ve taken with this lens, though I’ve noticed that it does tend to
make smaller anything at medium range. 
It also distorts people’s faces if they are close to the camera lens,
a bit like looking at a mirror image of yourself in the back of a 
large spoon.  So I have to keep my distance
from people nearby, but  walk closer to more distant subjects to get more of them 
in the frame.

Curbar Edge

One of the views from Curbar Edge


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