Portrait and still-life

The portrait below is of my mate, S, who is playing one of his lovely Tokai guitars. I took the photo in natural light,
with S sitting next to our patio door.  I don’t like using flash for portraiture … I sometimes use a reflector for extra light. The bowl of fruit was on a wide North-facing window-ledge, and again, I took the photo just using natural light. I use a Cloudy setting for WB on most of my photos, as I like the warm Kodachrome-like look it gives. I wear rose-tinted spectacles also … as if. 

S with his Tokai

S with his Tokai

Bowl of fruit

Bowl of fruit


2 thoughts on “Portrait and still-life

  1. Nice pics from the 5D. I notice you have not used the G15 in a while?
    Regards from a bleak cold wet late winters day here in NZ 🙂

  2. Ta very much for your comment, Martin. Yes, you’re right about my not using my G15 camera for a while. I think the G15 is great for close-up and medium distance shots, but not so good for landscapes. The 5D Mk2 is fantastic for taking landscape photos … great resolution, but then that’s what you’re paying for. Obviously the G15 is less noticeable by the public when I do a bit of street photography, which I must get round to doing a bit more of.
    At present, I’m looking through more online tutorials by Serge Ramelli on Lightroom, and have also been looking at the work of Erik Almas (who is greatly admired by Serge). More about all this in a future blogpost.
    The weather here’s been autumnal in the past week or so – much cooler and wetter. Some sunshine forecast for tomorrow, followed by a few rainy days.

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