Black and white photography

Hi everyone,

In the past week, I’ve been having a look at the work of two photographers who are into B&W photography:
Rupert Vandervell and Kurt Gledhill.

First up, here’s a link to an article I’ve read in The Amateur Photographer – an interview with Rupert Vandervell
who takes photos mainly in the City of London, mid to late mornings or at night, aiming for high contrast and
photographing solitary figures.
Here’s his website, if you fancy looking at more of his photos

The other guy is Kurt Gledhill, a Yorkshireman who is now living and working in Japan. Below is a link to his
Flickr site, where you’ll see lots of really lovely B&W photos – many of the recent ones appear to be
photo-montages and/or reflections in shop windows or in glass bus shelters – very interesting …

I thought this interview with him was very

In the past week, I’ve taken some colour photos in the streets around SW19 in London, where we currently
staying, with view to converting them to black and white images. I’ve only taken one which I think is any good,
which I’ve added below, along with one of the view from our holiday cottage in The Malvern Hills. You will be
able to compare colour photos with B&W versions of the same (the best I’ve managed to produce in Photoshop
Elements). Although I think the B&W ones are good, I think the original coloured ones are even better … the
colour seems to add an extra dimension, don’t you think?

low shutter speed pic of car

low shutter speed pic of car in B&W

View from cottage

View from cottage B&W





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