Cherry blossom

Hi everyone,

The warmer weather is back with us again this week, and the trees around us are looking greener.
One of our neighbours has an ornamental cherry tree out in full blossom at the moment … its branches
lean well over onto the street, making it fairly easy for me to snap a close-up of the delicate pink
flowers.  In the image below, I used Photoshop Elements to slightly blur and lighten the supporting
twig, so as to make it less prominent.

Flowers for my Desktop

I recently read a biography of the American photographer, Ansel Adams, written by one of his 
assistants, Andrea Stillman. I was amazed to see how he could transform a photo of  a very bland
landscape taken in daylight, into a really dramatic work of art. Such transformations are now much
easier to do in Photoshop, of course. I feel inspired to use Photoshop more liberally than I’ve used
it in the past, to make my images look more vivid.


2 thoughts on “Cherry blossom

  1. Nice image of the Cherry Blossom, I particularly like the softened branch.
    Today for the first time in MONTHS I have been able to see you photostream/set thumbnail images and photos in sets at flickr. I don’t know what has changed, but for ages now they have been greyed out.

  2. Thanks for your comments, M.. I’m pleased to hear that you can now see my photos properly.
    You are the first person to say this … perhaps it was Flickr who let you down (?)
    Cheers, J..

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