Canon EF 85mm 1.8 camera lens

I went into town today to collect my new camera lens from one of Amazon’s collection points (I thought this was better than hanging around the house for several days waiting for it to be delivered).  Anyway, I tried it out at lunchtime on my Canon 5D Mk2 camera, and I’m very pleased with the results (see below and my Flickr site also).

This lens is a medium telephoto lens (so I won’t have to get up close to folk to photograph them), and it’s a prime lens used mainly for portraiture.

I took two photos at f/5.6 so as to get a narrow DOF, which you’ll see better in my geranium photo. So if you wish to take wedding portraits, with some nice blurring of the background, then telephoto lenses are the ones to use. I used a tripod for the teddy bears photo (nice couple, aren’t they?), but I hand-held the camera for the geranium photo. I’m pleased  with the sharpness of some of the leaves, which I focussed the camera on. This lens does not have stabilisation built into it … you have to pay a lot more than I did to get this. 

Two teddies - photo taken with my new 85mm lens

Two teddies – photo taken with my new 85mm lens

 My other bit of news is that my wife and I have joined one of Nottingham’s walking groups, the Nottingham Wayfarers, who have a programme of walks mainly in Derbyshire, plus a few in Notts.. Last Saturday, we met up with them on a walk from Belper to Ripley, stopping off at the Poet and Castle pub in Codnor. We had hoped to visit a pub earlier in the walk, but it was closed for lunch  (despite the walk organiser phoning up in advance, asking if they could accommodate us). The group was very welcoming and were fun to be with, which all made up for the muddy puddles we had to walk through along the way.  I’ve put some photos of the walk onto my Flickr site.


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