Happy New Year

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year to you all. As you may have seen from my Flickr site (there’s a link to this in the right hand column, if you haven’t), my wife and I have had a busy but fun Xmas with our family. Our daughter L and her girls stayed with us for two weeks over Xmas, and we were joined by other members of the family during that time.

Since then, we’ve been busy doing various things including catching up on a huge amount of TV drama, comedy and arts programmes which we recorded over the Xmas period. TV highlights include the return of the brilliant Danish drama, The Bridge, which followed on from “Borgen”.

Anyway, this blog is all about photography, so “Enough!” of what’s going on in my personal life.

As you will know, I joined a wonderful photography group in one of Nottingham’s U3As … the guy running it is an enthusiastic amateur photographer who is highly experienced and a brilliant teacher and group leader. We have a topic or theme set for us each month – the names for these are now suggested by group members, and the topic for the following month is picked out of a bag. We look at a selection of our photos at each meeting, plus our best photo of the month, and after a tea-break we then have a demo on say a Photoshop topic (perhaps editing one or
two photos we’ve just seen) or see some holiday slides presented by a member. This is generally what happens at each monthly meeting, but in between we also have photo-shoots or smaller group / solo sessions with our group leader on any problem areas we have.

Our group leader, K, has almost identical Canon cameras to my own, so he’s been able to show me some features about these, which has helped me a lot. He helped me to get to grips with flash photography, which was invaluable when I came to photograph our daughter, L’s wedding.

He also introduced me to editing RAW images at the same time, so I was able to use these new-found skills when editing the wedding photos … I was over the moon with the results … 



Next up then, one of my night-time photos, which you’ll see on my Flickr site in black & white a photo of the Cross Keys pub in Nottingham, and my best photo of the month … a photo of our daughter S, with her niece, M, which I like very much (despite it being not 100% sharp).

Cross Keys Pub, Nottingham

Cross Keys Pub, Nottingham

M with Auntie S.

M with Auntie S.


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