Creating a header image for my Flickr site

I’ve re-posted one of my favourite photos, in letter-box format, to create a header for my Flickr site.

Flickr recommends a photo-size of 2048 x 768 for the header, so I reduced the original image width down to 2048px, and then cropped it down to get a height of about (well just below) 768px. I then copied and pasted this onto a black background of the exact dimensions that Flickr suggested. The resulting image was 1.3 MB in size, so I re-saved the image at slightly lower quality (value of 10, instead of 12), to arrive at an image size of about 700kb, to then upload.

0613 Scarborough Harbour

I’m not all that impressed with the official Flickr image-size recommendation, as I can only see about a third of the uploaded image in the header position. (However, the header image is much sharper than my previous attempts, where I’d uploaded image sizes of 1280 x 300-360px). So perhaps in future, I should choose an image size somewhere between the above two sizes.


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