Pine Lake holiday

Hi folks,

We’ve just come back from a fab holiday in the Southern Lake District. We were very lucky again with the weather – it hardly rained during the week we were there, though some days were very cloudy and cool. However it was ideal for all the walking that we did. You will see from my Flickr site that we covered a wide area in a short period of time.

I used my Canon G15 camera throughout for taking photos on this trip, with the addition of my monopod, to minimise camera hand shake. The photos are not the quality of the Canon 5D Mark 2, but they are very good for a compact camera. Had I gone on the trip solo, in our car, I would have taken the larger camera, and done more landscape photography at both ends of the day. When you’re with company (who are not so interested in taking photos), and are being driven around in someone else’s car, you have to compromise and take the best photos you can … often trailing behind the others who like to walk at a brisk pace, so as to take a few photos on the way.

So here is one of many photos I took on this trip … I took this at about 6.30am while the others were still in bed, at our holiday resort site … 

Dawn at Pine Lake


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