Dahlia in Nottingham Arboretum

Dahlia in Nottingham Arboretum

I’ve been busy taking photos as usual and also with setting up a new PC that I’ve had built for me. It’s got Windows 7 Home Premium (I was using Win Vista before), and it’s very fast … about 3 times as fast when it comes to processing RAW files with Photoshop Elements 11.  So you can now call me Speedy Gonzales. 
As regards taking photos, I’m learning more about how to use my Canon G15 camera, with the help of David Busch’s excellent book on this camera … I dip into this from time to time, for example how to set the timer for a 2 second delay (during the process of which, I also found out how to switch on and off the Neutral Density filter, & how to use other  features of the camera).
By the way, I’ve done upgrades on both Gimp and Photoshop Elements 11,  while installing both on my new PC. I’ve noticed that several Lucida fonts have disappeared from the list of text fonts with both of them, including my favourite Lucida Handwriting Italic (which is almost like joined up handwriting). So I’m now using Segoe Print font, which I don’t think looks as good, though it’s OK for my copyright logo.


2 thoughts on “Dahlia in Nottingham Arboretum

  1. Thanks a lot, me duck … this is one of several flower pics that I’ve put up onto Flickr. I’m using
    this WordPress theme, the Nitisha theme, to showcase some of my better pics … I think they look
    great when viewed at this size and when shown against a black background. Nitisha is free to use,
    by the way.

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