New header image

I’ve just added a new header image to both this site and my Flickr one … a photo of some flowers in our garden – photo taken earlier this evening, so the flowers are freshly picked / cropped. 🙂
I’ve found a better way of sending a link to my Flickr site … a link directly to the sets of photos on
this site. The new Flickr design has removed the side-bar of sets which used to be on the right hand side of the home page … so I’m now presenting the sets webpage to my family and friends instead, to give them faster access to any photos they might be interested in seeing.
So here’s the link to my Flickr sets page …

Coming up, photos of four fabulous gardens we visited in the past few weeks …
1. Cluny House Garden near Aberfeldy in Perthshire, Scotland … a magical woodland garden
2. Drummond Castle Garden, in the Stirling area, Scotland … very formal design
3. The walled garden of Wallington Hall (nr. Morpeth, Northumberland) … really wonderful
4. The Durham University Botanical Garden.

More photos of all of these on my Flickr site.


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