Flowers on our magnolia tree

I took this photo earlier this week. I’m very pleased with it, as regards its lighting and composition.
By the way, I’ve lost the link to my Flickr site in the side bar, unfortunately (thanks to Martin for pointing this
out to me). Here is the link for you …



4 thoughts on “Flowers on our magnolia tree

  1. Hi from NZ. Just discovered the new Flickr layout. Not sure if I like it yet? Took me awhile to work out how to run slide shows from sets but I finally got there.

  2. Hi Martin. Yes, Flickr has just changed its layout. I much prefer the old one … I’m still trying to find my way around
    the new version. I might abandon it in due course, although I’ve got 7,000 images on my site, most of which would
    disappear from view if I don’t keep up with my annual subscriptions (abt £15 a year).
    I’ve used Picasa Web Albums to a slight extent in the past, but from a review and commentary here …
    …. it looks as though Google is phasing this out in favour of Google +
    Other services I will look into are Smugmug and Adobe Revel, as recommended by folk in the above article.

  3. I am going to let the new layout grow on me. I learn where to find things each time I visit my photostream. Dont be too hasty moving to another provider. Flickr has some perminance about it, about as perminant as the internet gets these days. A comment in passing, is your Flickr link at your blog homepage broken? It doesnt open for me. Regards from a cold autumn day in NZ.

  4. Thanks for pointing out the Flickr problem to me, M. I’ve had a fiddle with the widget, but can’t get it to work, so I’ve removed it. I’ve added a link to my Flickr site in the body of the text above the magnolia photo. I’ll have another go at re-instating the widget in due course.
    After a horrible cold, windy and wet day on Friday, it’s become warm and sunny again …. just in time for the Bank Holiday.

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