Our holiday in Staffordshire

We got back from our week’s holiday in Staffs last weekend, and it’s taken me a long time to sort through all my photos and get the better ones onto Flickr. One reason for choosing Staffs was that it is the county where one branch of my family comes from … I’m from farming stock (probably from farm labourers / tenant farmers), and I had a number of places to visit. I had a lot of help from my second cousin Anne, who had found the location of the farm (Bitternsdale) in a remote countryside hamlet some time ago.  You will be able to see the house and the surrounding fields on my Flickr site. 

However, I think the following photos are more picturesque  …

A tapestry on display at Tamworth Castle … I think it’s a modern replica …


A lovely teapot made in about 1760, which belonged to the literary giant, Samuel Johnson. The teapot is on display at his birthplace museum in Lichfield. Here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry for SJ … 


Next up, a view of the cool dark interior of Lichfield Cathedral … I find cathedrals really awe-inspiring from a historical rather than religious aspect, though there is something heavenly about a lot of choral music,  when it’s sung well.

A view of the Armed Forces memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum near Lichfield … (a lot more photos of this on my Flickr site)



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