Barcelona photos

As you’ll see on my Flickr site, I’ve just uploaded dozens of holiday pics, which have taken me over 2 weeks to sort out and individually edit (with Photoshop Elements 11). The weather there was really lovely and warm, apart from one day which we spent in Girona, when it was cold and wet. We chose self-catering as it’s the cheapest option, though we ate out at lunchtime every day.

Here are two photos from my collection, showing two structures designed by Antoni Gaudi …




4 thoughts on “Barcelona photos

  1. TY for you Barcelona photos, I enjoyed viewing them. Watched both sets as a slideshow late this morning. The fountain photos at night are especially good. I too am finding ISO 800 very useful with negligible noise.

  2. I use the A mode, thats aperture priority most of the time, usually set to f5.6. The G12 unlike the G15 has a dedicated ISO dial on the top, which is very handy. I understand ISO is in a menu for the G15

  3. Hi Martin, I use the A mode most of the time, also, but sometimes the fully automatic, the P mode and sometimes the S mode (shutter-priority). Yes the ISO is in a menu, which is not as handy as your set-up.

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