Canon camera comparison

Hi everyone. I’ve taken a few photos with my three Canon cameras, if you fancy a closer look to see how they performed. I’ve written a fair amount about the pics on my Flickr site, below the first teddy bear photo. This is my 60 year old teddy, which is getting rather past its sell-by-date, but still looks charming (rather like myself).

Below is the photo taken with the Canon 350D, reduced in size to 768 px across. You will be able to see the original version of it on my Flickr site, which is 3456 px across. (Click on Flickr photo > Actions > View all sizes > click on original, if you wish). 



2 thoughts on “Canon camera comparison

  1. Interesting comparison between the 350D, G15 and 5D at your flickr site… personally because I am biased and own a G12 I like the colour of the G15 best. The 5D has the best resolution, subtle but definately the best. Can help but get back to the G15, an excellent travel camera as you intend.

  2. Thanks for commenting again, Martin. As regards my teddy bear colours, I did tweak these both “in camera” (by changing the White Balance) and also afterwards in Photoshop, so the colours you saw in my Flickr photos are not necessarily true ones.
    I’m in the middle of sorting out loads of holiday snaps of Barcelona, plus photos taken at a family get-together last weekend.
    I hope to get the best onto Flickr by the end of this week.

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