Trying out my new Canon G15 camera.

Below is a photo of some yummy cakes at Patisserie-Valerie in Nottingham ( roughly opposite Primark). I took the photo with my new Canon G15 camera. I’ve tweaked the exposure and slightly darkened the shadows of the RAW image, using Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software. There is an excellent YouTube video on how to use this

Overall, I’m very impressed with this camera. It’s got image-stabilisation built into it, hence this fairly sharp image just hand-holding the camera. I’ll be using the camera mainly for travel use, as my 5D Mark ii camera (aka “The Beast”, according to one of my friends), is too big to lug around for taking holiday snaps, and would take up too much room in my hand-luggage when flying with Ryanair. I feel the extra charges that airlines make for taking suitcases in the hold, are too high. We manage to travel abroad with very little in the way of baggage.

I recently bought a copy of Photoshop Elements 11, but have found that the G15 camera is too new for it, as regards handling RAW images. I’ve yet to try out downloading an update for the PE 11 program from the Adobe website, but I think it’s high time that the camera manufacturers got together to standardise RAW images once and for all (just like a JPEG image).



5 thoughts on “Trying out my new Canon G15 camera.

  1. I hope you enjoy the G15 as much as I am enjoying my G12 which I bought 6 months ago. I needed something small and handy for around the house and in the garden but with more manual tweeks than my 6 year old Sony DCS-W5 Am most pleased with the results. Regards from a warm summers day in New Zealand 29C outdoors, 26C sitting at my PC with the windows open and a fan on.

    • Since I finished up working in the capital in 2004 and came home to look after my elderly mother since her stroke my photos have largely been “domestic” I dont travel any more. I chat nightly on the internet with a Canadian friend and we share the “goings-on” of our day, sometimes with photos as exciting as what was for dinner.
      Mum is now 85 and has recovered well from the stroke but has other mobility issues.
      Please feel free to browse my flickr sets at
      Pictures after August 2012 are with the Canon G12.
      Regards edt aka Martin.

  2. Regarding Adobe Elements 11 I have been a fan of this level of Adobe software for years.
    Started with Adobe PhotoDelux in 2001, moved to Elements5 mid 2000’s and updated to Adobe Elements 10 Christmas 2011. While I have only worked with .jpgs and not RAW files I have found the Elements series excellent for the photo restoration work I do, entirely self taught eg: This project is still not finished, I work on it occasionally. See the before and after.
    I manage all my photo printing through Adobe Elements 10 and find it excellent for this.
    For an investment of only $185NZ Adobe elements 10 suits my “home user” need perfectly.
    Regards edtNZ

  3. Thanks for all your comments, Martin. I’m very impressed with your photography, and your culinary skills (assuming that you cooked the entire pork noisette meal, for example). You’ve done an amazing job on patching up the old photograph … really high quality invisible mending. I’ve done a bit of that myself in the past with variable success. I am envious of the lovely warm weather you’re having, though there are early signs that Spring is on the way here. There are some daffies in my local park, which are almost flowering, and the outside temperature has temporarily warmed up (to 9 deg C !!), with the cool afternoon sunshine. Roll on the Summer!

  4. I have to confess the neighbourhood butcher makes the pork noisettes with their stuffing and I just bake them in the oven for an hour. Having said that I feed my elderly mother well and she doesnt complain about my cooking.
    Regarding the warm temps, its been a tad too warm this summer, up to 33C.
    We are close to drought conditions, desperately waiting for rain. We are still allowed to water our garden on alternate days. Even days for an even street number. I water the roses with a soaker hose and mist sprayer, 30mins at a time then move to the next section of garden. It usually takes me 2 hrs to get around all the roses in the garden.
    Fell free to browse my flickr sets at any time from the link above.
    Thank You for your kind words regarding my photography and restoration.
    Regards edtNZ (aka Martin)

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