A cold afternoon in The Arboretum

ImageI took this photo two days ago, when I was out walking in our local park with my wife. It was cold and wintery, and the mid-afternoon sunshine was starting to fade into a pale golden glow. There’s more snow lying on the ground today, but it looks too icy to venture out. If thicker snow comes in the next few days, with some sunshine, I’ll get out with my camera again. I must remember to take my tripod with me next time, to get sharper results.


2 thoughts on “A cold afternoon in The Arboretum

  1. HI, hope your not too cold in Nottingham, have been reading about the snow problems and the low temps in central UK. Reverse here in New Zealand 28/30C and bushfrires every few days but no-where near as bad as Aussie. Regards edtNZ

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