Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

About ten days ago, my wife and I went to the Natural History Museum, along with our
daughter L and her two young children. The girls were most interested in the dinosaur
skeletons and the animated models of them, as I imagine most kids are. We then went
to have a look around The Science Museum next door, which we thought was much
more child-friendly. There were lots of things that the girls played with.

In the great hall of the NHM was a large statue of Charles Darwin, below which was a
plaque which read:  “Freedom of thought is best promoted by the gradual illumination of
men’s minds, which follows from the advance of science.”


BTW, I’ve revamped the YouTube video of the BBC Horizon programme: “Eat, fast and live
longer” … you can see this on an earlier post on my blogsite.

We had a text from L today, saying that Mini had written a letter to Father Christmas, thanking
him very much for giving presents to children.  She didn’t put anything in her letter about
what she’d like for Xmas.


2 thoughts on “Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

  1. Hope you are not affected by the terrible floods in the UK at the moment? regards from a sunny spring day, though breezy, in New Zealand.

  2. Thanks for asking, M. We haven’t been badly affected in Nottingham – our house is a fair distance and height away from the River Trent (which flows South of Nottingham Castle). It’s very cold, dry and sunny at the moment. I’m busy re-vamping my jwebdesign website at present, as well as doing a fair amount of photography, & e-card-making & seeing all our grandchildren. Hope you’re well & enjoying life. Cheers, J.

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