What’s for tea tonight, Darling?

“Er, it’s egg on toast!”

Yes, tonight’s meal was a poached egg on toast, which was part of a new diet that I and my wife have just started … in order to shed a few pounds, reduce blood glucose & cholesterol, and hopefully stay well and live a bit longer.

We will be fasting two days a week, which was one of the options under discussion in Michael Mosley’s recent Horizon documentary on the telly. Here’s a YouTube video of the Horizon programme, which I think is life-changing …

Here’s a link to a review article in The Guardian by its TV critic, Sam Wollaston.


I’ve been over-eating recently, eating up all the kids’ left-overs, nibbling biscuits and cheese (like a permanently hungry mouse), and generally eating between meals whenever I felt the urge. Not surprisingly, I’ve been putting on a few pounds in weight, and my waistline is expanding (which doesn’t look good, well not to me anyway).

I weighed myself this morning on some scales at the Vicky Centre: OMG!! I’m now 10st 4lbs (65.4kg), my heaviest weight ever.
The machine worked out my height as 1ft 3ins (0.38m), so Honey, I’ve shrunk myself! (My BMI is a whopping 45, according to this).

Today was the first day of fasting, but not real fasting (where you don’t eat a sausage). I had 2 Weetabix with some milk, two cups of tea with milk, some dilute apple juice, two slices of wholemeal bread (Hovis gives you the calorific value of each slice), and a large poached egg … plus some water. Total kilocalories: 520.

It’s now 11.00pm and I don’t feel particularly hungry. I thought the egg on toast was really delicious … I appreciated it even more, as I’d had little else to eat. Looking forward to eating larger (but more modest) quantities of food tomorrow (and having some fresh-brewed coffee also).

Apart from some food shopping this morning in town, I spent most of the day taking a few photos, and reading a lot about Microstock photography (my second – third day of study on this subject). The above photo is my first attempt to get a stylish food photo … I just need more practice to get a better-shaped poached egg. I took the photo on our north-facing window-ledge, with net curtain draped over the far window, and with soft sunlight coming through the windows on the other two sides, at about 6pm in the evening.
I upped the exposure compensation to +2, to get the white-washed look that folk seem to like.


6 thoughts on “What’s for tea tonight, Darling?

  1. FAST! You are good, I could never do that haha, saying that I have lost nearly half a stone over the past couple of months it must be all the decorating because I haven’t stopped eating.

    Love the new look site.

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